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    Frequently asked questions

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    A domain name is the main address to a web page, traditionally ending in: .com, .net, .info, etc; Facilitating access to the digital assets of the brand it represents in cyberspace.

    The security of a web page is linked to WAF (“web application firewalls”), a monitoring tool for incoming and outgoing traffic, capable of blocking different types of cyber attacks (malware, phishing, among others); Additional areas of vulnerability are secured with data encryption using SSL certificates and automated backups.

    WordPress (org) based websites and ecommerce offer the flexibility of integrating multiple tools dedicated to full inventory management and Point of Sale [POS] control, providing various payment alternatives such as:

    • Bank transfers
    • debit and/or credit cards (Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®)
    • Stripe®
    • Paypal®
    • Venmo®
    • CashApp®

    As well as other digital and cryptocurrency wallets.*Featured third parties may apply service charges.

    A responsive website is capable of adapting to multiple screen sizes like mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets: Android™ + iOS, as well as desktop and laptop computers: Windows® + MAC.

    WordPress (.org), is a free open source platform that facilitates content management [CMS] of a web page, through an user friendly interface, without needing greater technical knowledge.



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