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digital presence

Extend your services to the entire world with a professional website optimized for organic positioning in search engines.

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Responsive Web Design
Your Virtual Store

Empower your website

Integrate cutting-edge digital tools that allow you to expand your website functions without increasing expenses.

Manage easy

At Web Solutions PR we develop your website or ecommerce, easy to handle, from a single management platform, with desktop and mobile access without needing technical skills. Contact us and let’s get started on your digital project today..

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Sell without limits

Manage your own self-managed website with total autonomy over its functionalities and it’s administrative platform, without inventory limits & contract-free. Allowing you to mitigate maintenance costs, eliminate unnecessary monthly payments and reduce exorbitant commissions.

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Responsive Design
Responsive web portal design, adaptable to mobile device screens, tablets: Android and iOS; And to desktop or portable computers: Linux, MAC, Windows.

Increase online visibility

Boost your online business with our suite of automated digital marketing solutions aimed at enhancing your brand presence, increase web traffic and facilitate online communication.

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Take control of your website

We create websites with full management capabilities that translate into faster revenue, increased web traffic, and the ability to expand services.

✔ Detailed reports

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Track specific metrics, such as total sales or best-selling products. Generate daily, weekly and monthly transaction reports.

✔ Transaction monitoring

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Receive real-time notifications, check order status, update, delete or add products from the mobile application.

✔ Statistics and analytical data

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Access detailed statistical reports on your web traffic, identify opportunities and anticipate trends that can improve your customers’ experience.








Digital tools

Unlimited possibilities

Accelerate your website, expand functionality, manage inventory and multimedia content without limits with digital tools available to boost your online presence.

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Punto de Venta
Integrated POS
Accept contactless payments from debit cards, credit cards, Venmo, Stripe, PayPal and other digital wallets.
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Reportes y Estadísticas
Analytics data
Download web traffic reports and essential statistics for optimizing user experience and advertising campaigns.
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Mensajería En Línea
AI Chatbot*
Improve the visitor experience by answering questions quickly with automated instant messaging applications integrated directly into your website.
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Administer from a single management platform reinforced with security software against phishing and cyberattacks, two-factor authentication [2FA], real-time notifications, automated backups and SSL certificates*.
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